Project: Glitter Belt

Trend: Glitter

In case you haven’t figured it out already, I’m a huge Kate Spade fan.  This week’s tutorial was inspired by a Kate Spade belt I have been eyeing for years now.  I never really thought I could validate the purchase of a $70 belt so I thought I might make something similar.  It turned out to be super easy too! I got the belt at Target for $7 and the ribbon at a crafts store for $1.  I used tacky glue here but feel free to sew or use a hot glue gun, whatever works! The whole project takes about 5 minutes so if you got the materials, you probably got the time. Hope you enjoy! 🙂

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 Glitter Belt

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88 Responses to Project: Glitter Belt

  1. jumpyjess says:

    Very nice DIY! The belt turned out stunning! 🙂

  2. janandjot says:

    Love this!!! xoxo Janet

  3. rheaverma says:


  4. ~ Carmen ~ says:

    I love it! Easy to achieve DIYs are my favorite. This would be super versatile to style. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  5. I also love Kate Spade, this is really cool! it can make any casual outfit feel a little more dressed up. Thanks for sharing!

  6. selinasinspiration says:

    such a cute idea! I love the bow♥

    Selina | Selinas Inspiration

  7. atkokosplace says:

    Super cute and save a ton of money! I like that!❀

  8. Thanks for sharing this great DIY


  9. natjtan says:

    Love it and so easy to make!

  10. So cute and creative!
    Have a nice evening!
    Angela Donava

  11. This turned out so beautifully! I just love this idea! It looks just like Kate Spade’s version!

  12. ruchi2327 says:

    Oh wow! What a money saver ☺ its super pretty and quite easy ….thanks for sharing ☺
    ❤ Ruchi

  13. Tania says:

    I love Kate Spade too! I’m always buying her pretty stationary. This belt is so sweet! Have a great weekend Lauren 😊

  14. stylentonic says:

    Glitter everywhere…. love this belt! kisssss

  15. Jeanne says:

    Lovely belt! So girly! I love this DIY!

  16. Naeun says:

    Wow this looks great! I love Kate Spade too but dishing out $70 for a belt when you can make it yourself is such a great idea 🙂 xx

  17. Sarah says:

    This diy looks so cute!

    Sarah |

  18. Wow, this is great idea! It will for sure make any outfit more chic and glamorous 🙂

    Have a great day!


  19. Such a great job and it turned out alike real Kate spade Lauren. Super duper cute:).

    Have a great day to you:).


  20. patriciablaj says:

    I am the biggest sucker for glitter! If I could I’d cover everything around me in it :3 What an adorable belt you made there, I’ll give a go to this myself!


  21. Shauna says:

    Wow, this turned out gorgeous! I hope you wore it immediately 🙂


  22. bighairloudmouth says:

    This is so so pretty! So feminine and lovely!
    Nilu Yuleena
    BIG hair LOUD mouth

  23. Pink Wings says:

    Yeah $70 is a bit much. You did such a good job, this is super cute!

    Pink Wings

  24. Quinn says:

    This is so adorable! Such a cute way to mix up an outfit

  25. very cute – what a fun little diy

  26. This is such a wonderful post – super cute and a lovely trick to make things unique!!! 🙂

    Layla xx

  27. So quick and fun! I love it! Thanks so much for stopping by to say hi. 🙂 XO -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  28. Love how quick and easy this is! I wouldn’t pay $70 for a belt either… Thank you so much for stopping by to say hi! XO -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  29. This is such a good idea! I love it!
    Melanie @

  30. jeanellyconcepcion says:

    Love it!

  31. josune says:

    hi! this is so easy and genius! I love a pretty glitter belt with a maxi skirt so I will ceap this one in mind! great step by step tutorial!
    ps: thanks for the nice comments, I followed ur acounts ♥

    x Josune, Your Beauty Script ❤

  32. Tanya says:

    Wow that’s a totally “save to favorites” post! I’m a huge Kate Spade fan myself and what I love about brand most are their belts! Well now I can do one my own)))
    Great post!

  33. fashionloveletters says:

    Such a fabulous idea! Loving the belt and how easy and affordable this was to make!

    Denise | Fashion Love Letters

  34. The Girl says:

    Look amazing! Great idea!

  35. Wooww this is awesome! I love this idea! It’s simple but cute at the same time! Actually this bow belt reminds me of one I purchased a few years back hehe…Anyways, thanks for sharing Lauren! Love your DIY ideas, always! Have a great day! xo Vivian

  36. Gabrielle says:

    A very sweet and cost-effective way of achieving an added touch of ‘sparkle’ to a look. I can imagine this look so cute with a black dress! 🙂

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  37. RavishingRoses says:

    sucha great idea!! Love your blog would be great if you could check mine out too :)xx

  38. Have a great day girl!
    Nilu Yuleena
    BIG hair LOUD mouth

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  40. Naba Iqbal says:

    Wow!!! I always wanted to see the tutorial of these kind of belts.. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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