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Project: Chunky Chain Bracelet

Trend: Chain/Rhinestones Ready for an easy DIY? I present to you, the ever sparkly and very doable, project chunky chain bracelet.  This requires almost no skill! If you know how to braid hair you can easily finish this project in … Continue reading

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Project: Passport A-Go-Go

Trend: Travel/Maps Have a big trip coming up?  Even if you don’t, it’ll be hard not to start daydreaming while looking at this passport holder!   This DIY is super easy since it is a small project, there is not a lot of sewing. … Continue reading

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Project: Fashion Month Round-Up

Fashion month is officially over! Time to review all the drama, the glamour, and the clothes that we will be wearing coming this Fall 2017.  Even if us plebeians will not be wearing Dior Haute Couture, we will definitely be … Continue reading

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Project: Polka-Dot Rosette Clutch

Trend: Polka Dots and Florals Same pattern different fabric!  For those of you new to sewing it may come to surprise you that I have used this same exact pattern before.  Only last time, I made a completely different kind … Continue reading

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Project: DryBar

Trend: Salon Review  Anyone a fan of podcasts? I was inspired recently while listening to the podcast “How I Built This” with host Guy Raz on NPR. First of all, it’s a great show and I really recommend it! Guy … Continue reading

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Project: Beauty Review

Product: Night Revive Retinol Serum by Valentia Hello my fellow beauty nerds! Despite my love for fashion, I just can’t help myself when it comes to beauty products and skin care.  Skin care is my jam and I only like to use … Continue reading

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Project: Tie-Dye Draw-String

Trend: Tie-Dye I don’t know what it is about Summer, but I really can’t stop tie-dyeing things!  I actually dyed this fabric weeks ago and have been looking for just the right project and decided this was it (you can … Continue reading

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Project: Dip-Dyed Tee

Trend: Tie-dye Hello fellow fashion lovers, it has been too long! I’m excited about bringing you the latest tutorial. It’s fast, it’s easy, it’s fun, and oh so messy.  Dye has the potential to get everywhere on your clothes, on the floor, and … Continue reading

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Project: Beauty Review

Product: Skin Detoxifying Clay Mask from Valentia So what do I think of this Clay Mask? First of all, I should tell you that I’m a big fan of masks, and although I usually use something different, I found this one … Continue reading

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Project: Mosaic Planter

Trend: Mosaic If mosaic tiles are not considered a trend as of now, they definitely should be soon. These tiles add great vivacity to an otherwise plain home accessory. I saw the materials in Michaels, and the project just came … Continue reading

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