Project: Bangle Bracelet

Trend: Stacked Bracelets

Ready for an easy DIY? Look no further! This bracelet takes about 10 minutes to make and all materials can be found at your local craft store. I must admit that this project was inspired by the famous and lovely Alex and Ani bracelets.  The brand makes such fun and meaningful jewelry, I couldn’t help but think, I could make that! Hopefully, with this tutorial, you now can too!

The secret to this DIY is using something called “Memory Wire,” a wire that automatically bounces back after stretching out.  So just like an Alex and Ani bracelet, when put on your wrist, it stretches open and then perfectly snaps back into place.  The possibilities of making these types of bracelets are endless! I tried mixing and matching beads and different bangles for an on-trend look! 🙂

Has anyone ever used memory wire before or made something similar? Let me know in the comments and happy crafting! 🙂

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Bangle Bracelet

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13 Responses to Project: Bangle Bracelet

  1. Great tutorial and beautiful bracelets.

  2. Sunny56 says:

    The bracelet is so pretty!! Thanks for the easy
    directions!! Definitely want to try making this!!

  3. Michelle says:

    This looks so easy! I’ve never used memory wire but I think I definitely have to now. Great tutorial!

  4. s.marsh.c says:

    Such a pretty bracelet! I also wanted to comment and let you know I’ve nominated you for a Mystery Blogger Award. Congratulations! If you’re unable to write an award post, that’s okay! Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. Daria says:

    The bracelet looks so elegant! I love it!



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