Holiday Bracelet

Trend: Holidays

Hello fashion friends! It’s no secret I haven’t posted a DIY in quite a while. I’ve been busy with life outside the blogosphere, otherwise known as the real world my priorities have been focused there. But no worries, there will always be time (even if less so) for a little bit of crafting! 🙂

I finally had some craft time last weekend and managed to make this bracelet in about 10 minutes.  This is a great project for all types of crafters and with the holidays days away this could be the perfect present for almost anyone.  Handmade gifts are always appreciated, especially when you can buy all of these supplies in bulk!

Anyone else hand making their presents this year?  Let us know! 🙂

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Happy Holidays from Trend-mix! 🙂


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2 Responses to Holiday Bracelet

  1. Sunny56 says:

    Love this bracelet, so pretty! ❤ Great directions!
    Plan on making one this weekend, thank you!

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