Project: Studded Phone Case

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Hello DIY fans!  Today I have a really easy tutorial for you.  Now that I have started using my glue  gun, I really can’t stop.  I also used Washi Tape for the first time today.  It is  super easy to use and they come in all different colors, I highly recommend them!  I was perusing a snooty boutique and saw some expensive studded phone cases.  They were all really fun, unlike the people working there.  Instead of giving them my money I thought I could design one.  Here’s to saving money and looking fabulous! Happy crafting! 🙂

Studded Phone Case

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26 Responses to Project: Studded Phone Case

  1. Shauna841505 says:

    Love it!! And love the comment about the workers at the boutique. I hate when people think they’re above you. It’s called customer service people!

  2. Hi Jen~ I really like your blog so I would like to nominate you for the Liebster award:

  3. This is so cool, what a fun DIY project! xo~ Lena

  4. Such a cool idea, so easy as well! Love your DIY posts! x

  5. Such a great idea! I wish I could do things like that, I’m sure I’d end up burning myself with the glue hahah


  6. This is so great – thanks for sharing!

    – Deniz

  7. Melisa says:

    what amazing idea, perfect…thanks you so much 🙂 Mel

  8. Good for you😄. Glad you didn’t spent penny at their boutique but DIY. I wanna make one or two for my iPhone 6 plus. Where should I get the blank case? I can get the Washi Tape somewhere in Atlanta. I’m pretty serious to make one for myself and for one for my hubby. Could u plz let me know on here or my blog. Pretty please😄, thanks in advance Lauren. Kisses

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