Project: Passport A-Go-Go

Trend: Travel/Maps

Have a big trip coming up?  Even if you don’t, it’ll be hard not to start daydreaming while looking at this passport holder!   This DIY is super easy since it is a small project, there is not a lot of sewing.  I introduce fusible bukram here for the first time, a type of backing material that is iron on friendly (no-sewing required).

The world is a big place and this map material helps remind me of all the places I’d like to visit!  Anyone one else day dreaming of their perfect vacation?

I must confess this post was inspired by a fun and educational Youtube Channel called “Geography Now.”  Please, don’t get grossed out by the word “educational,” the channel is nerdy (of course) but it is also really fun, informative, and gives you the travel bug!  The host Barby takes you around the world discussing each country’s culture, politics, people, food, and geography (while making it fun of course).  You should check it out!

~Happy sewing from Trend-mixblog! 🙂 ~


World Wide Passport Holder

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3 Responses to Project: Passport A-Go-Go

  1. dinamighty says:


    My new blog…


  2. Love it! This is so useful! I remember those days when I used to work at a leather goods store; everyone wanted a passport holder… But your creation is better as I adore the world map cover, so clever!

    Vivienne X

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