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Welcome to my first post on health and wellness! I have been researching new ideas on how to be happier and relieve those everyday stresses I know we are all too familiar with.  What I found was everything you might expect from meditation to yoga to eating better.

Although these aren’t ground-breaking ideas, I didn’t realize how easy it was to implement into my already very busy life.  I also wasn’t prepared to start feeling the benefits as early as week one!

Meditation: Racing thoughts a problem?  Meditation helps you slow your thoughts and become aware of whats going on in that head of yours.  These can be done on the train ride home and can be as short as 3 minutes long!

Yoga: One 10 minute routine in the morning will set you up for your day of awareness, meaning, and just slow everything down before it has to speed up again.

Eating Well: Warning: I’m not a dieter! But simply adding all the good stuff throughout your day makes you feel better and I know it has helped me achieve some major inner peace points.  My favorite new snack is guacamole….so much goodness in every bite! Yum!

The above has all been upping my inner peace and sense of well-being,  hope you are all also having a happy and healthy 2018! Anyone else have well-being tips or tricks?  Let us know in the comments! 🙂

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Inner Peace



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1 Response to Project: Inner Peace

  1. “…these aren’t ground breaking ideas…” made me think about how sometimes when we are looking for the answer, the solution or even “inner peace,” we sometimes think it’s this big new thing out there somewhere that is in some undiscovered land we must venture to find.

    Yet the truth is often that real peace isn’t anything new. It’s always been here, and it’s here now. Sometimes we find it when we let go of the desire to find it somewhere else.


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