Project: Wedding Bag

Project: Wedding Bag

Happy New Year fashion friends!  I haven’t written here regularly in quite some time.  As am sure you all know, life can get busy leaving less time for fashion blogging. Have I also mentioned I’m getting married this summer?!?  As a newly engaged lady, I would, of course, need to make my own handbag!

In the past, I have made handbags for friends when it was their turn to walk down the aisle.  Now that it was my turn, I had to create my own accessory masterpiece. To start, I found this amazing lace embellished with sequins, pearls, and beads as well as a yard of ivory silk at my local fabric store.

Making this bag was different, it was “the” bag and the pressure was on for me to make it perfect. Before sewing anything, so many questions had to be answered; What shape? What closure? Sewing technique?

I settled on a clutch flap over with magnetic snap closure, one of my favorites to make and something that would really show off the material.  Before I knew it, the bag was complete, unlike that wedding plan to-do list I’m still making my way through.

Has anyone else DIY’d anything for their wedding?  Let me know in the comments and as always happy crafting! 🙂

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Wedding Bag

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2 Responses to Project: Wedding Bag

  1. Sunshine56 says:

    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!!!
    The bag looks absolutely beautiful!!
    Thank you for sharing!!

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