Project: Lace Wristlet

Trend: Lace

I have loved the “lace” look since it came back into fashion over the last couple of years.  It is a really easy fabric to work with too, which you might not see coming!  This trend is seen everywhere from all different types of designers to all aspects of fashion/accessories.   I hope you enjoy this tutorial and make it your own. Happy sewing! 🙂

Project- Lace Wristlet

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39 Responses to Project: Lace Wristlet

  1. Cal says:

    This bag looks very exotic and rich.

    Good work

  2. Lori says:

    Lovely! I wish I knew how to sew!

  3. Sunny56 says:

    This looks so pretty! I can’t wait to make one,
    Thanks for the great directions!

  4. NiftyBetty says:

    This is awesome! I need to learn to sew!

  5. theemmakat says:

    What a pretty little bag! I love lace, and this is a great DIY 🙂

  6. Love this! Might have to give this a go sometime! x

  7. Awesome! This is such a cool DIY!!

  8. thediygal93 says:

    This is adorable! 🙂 I love sewing and I think your blog is fantastic. Keep up the good work!

  9. lifeisaparty says:

    Great DIY! You make it seem so easy!

  10. Wow that looks so great! And you made it look so easy 😀

  11. Jenna LeeAnn says:

    I love this!!!! Definitely want to try this 🙂 xox

  12. TheYarina says:

    This is really cute!

  13. kalekyemuia says:

    I love this, its so cute!

  14. annie says:

    Lauren! you’re crazy good at these diy’s. i wish i was too 😦

    • Thank you Annie! And no sad faces! You should try an easy one! The hardest part is knowing where to get all of the materials lol.

      • annie says:

        that’s so true!! sometimes i get uber excited when i see posts like these and my mind is all set for some diy that i don’t even know how to but i lack one or two materials and suddenly i lose all my motivation lol

  15. Ann Krembs says:

    What a cute DIY! You make it look so easy. It turned out beautiful. I’m considering….


    Ann of Kremb de la Kremb

  16. drewcansew says:

    Didn’t realize you hand sew your stuff. Must take quite a while and that was the reason I started using a machine. Although doing stuff by hand is awesome and makes it more personal as well.

  17. MINO MAGAZINE says:

    You are inspirational. Seriously love your blog. Amazing!! I will try to create something like 🙂

  18. funkyfashion007, Thanks for the well written article, it was inspiring and powerful.

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