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Sewing 101: Back Stitch

I wanted to go back to basics this week.  So many of you have commented that you did not know how to sew.  I took this week as an opportunity to go over the back stitch.  For those of you … Continue reading

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Project: Lace Wristlet

Trend: Lace I have loved the “lace” look since it came back into fashion over the last couple of years.  It is a really easy fabric to work with too, which you might not see coming!  This trend is seen everywhere … Continue reading

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One Lovely Blog Award!

I’m happy to say I was nominated for a One Lovely Blog Award! Its nice to know people enjoy reading my posts.  Thank you to fashionfaves44blog for nominating me! 🙂 Check her blog out she’s got a lot of cool fashion tips! The … Continue reading

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Project: Polka Dot Cosmetic Case

Trend: Polka Dots Since making bags is kind of my thing, I thought I’d post a how-to on how to make one.  I know there might be a lot of steps to this, but each one is pretty easy to … Continue reading

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Project: Jeweled Headband

Trend: Jeweled Hair Accessories After flipping through the latest People Style Watch, I noticed some major bejeweled headwear.  So instead of spending a fortune on this fun fad, I figured I could make it pretty easily.  This maybe the easiest … Continue reading

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Project: Geometric Necklace

  Trend: Geometric Necklace I’ve noticed these really funky gold geometric necklaces lately.  There on celebrities and DIY tutorials all over the place.  This necklace was inspired by that.  The finished product may look complicated, but it is actually really … Continue reading

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Project: Denim- Patchwork Clutch

Trend: Denim Patchwork I’ve noticed lately that denim is, well, everywhere.  Looking towards fall trends denim patchwork is going to be big.  Here is an easy way to master the trend.  This DIY can be used in the summer as … Continue reading

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Project: Tie-Dye Nautical Bracelets

Trend: Nautical and Tie-Dye I combined two trends in one in this tutorial.  I think these rope bracelets are great for summer and can be worn dressed up or down as long as you’re at the beach anything goes! 🙂

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Project: Boho Headband

Trend: Boho Show off your funky side!  This tutorial focuses on the “Boho” trend this summer. It is pretty easy to do, the whole project takes about 5-10 minutes once you have gathered all your materials. 

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Project: Pastel Bracelet

Trend:Pastels The main trend I wanted to pull off in this tutorial was “Pastels.”  I do this by using pastel ribbon to make a bracelet.  Although you can use any type of ribbon you would like! Post pictures if you … Continue reading

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