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Project: Mini Polka-Dot Notebook

Trend: Journal Anyone else out there keep a journal or a diary? Writing and sketching on a daily basis is a new thing for me but something I’m glad I picked up. I only got into it because of a … Continue reading

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Project: Polka Dot Head Wrap

Trend: Polka Dots This post was inspired by one of my friends, she asked if I could make a head-wrap tutorial and I said, “sure”!  I have seen the head-wrap become more and more popular, on celebrities and in street … Continue reading

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Project: Polka Dot Cosmetic Case

Trend: Polka Dots Since making bags is kind of my thing, I thought I’d post a how-to on how to make one.  I know there might be a lot of steps to this, but each one is pretty easy to … Continue reading

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