Project: Brocade Clutch

Trend: Brocade

As summer comes to an end, fall is just around the corner which is a great time for fashion!  We get to see richer colors and  work those ankle boots.    One big trend coming up this autumn is brocade.  This is a type of luxurious textile with a bit of shine and usually features a floral pattern… gotta love it! I chose a black brocade material with silver flowers to make this clutch.  If you are sewing phobic but want to try making a handbag, this may be the project for you! What do you think of the brocade trend?  Let me know if you have any crafting questions. Happy sewing! 🙂


 Brocade Clutch

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86 Responses to Project: Brocade Clutch

  1. Oh wow this is such a cool idea!

    Candice Beauty Candy Loves

  2. Tanya says:

    Great fabric – can be worn from AM to PM and fit most of the outfits!

  3. Jeanne says:

    Beautiful DIY! That clutch is so precious! 😉
    ♥ ♥ ♥

  4. Great job!! You are so talented!!
    Beautiful pouch. Xoxo

  5. The Girl says:

    Super wow idea, and I absolutely love brocade!

  6. asallows says:

    This is just beautiful! what a great idea!

  7. Naeun says:

    Ah that print is just gorgeous! Thanks for always giving us crafting inspiration 🙂 xx

  8. laflor5233 says:

    Will now look for brocade and try it.

  9. LENPARENT says:


  10. Eden says:

    Beautiful clutch, love the pattern you chose.

  11. razonanalyn says:

    I love your DIY a lot, I also did one similar which I needed a new make up bag. Will be posting it in a week time 😀 Thank you for inspiring me.


  12. Shauna841505 says:

    So cute! (as always) 🙂

  13. surbhi says:

    simply in love with ir DIY’s
    New Post on my blog, do drop by soon ,<3

  14. Quinn says:

    I am obsessed with wallets/clutches, so naturally I LOVE this. It’s so cute + one of a kind 🙂

  15. this Looks like a great idea 🙂 combinable to every Outfit 🙂 Love it

  16. NatGutmor says:

    It looks beautiful. I was thinking yesterday about doing my own clutch with a small piece of fabric I found.

    Natalia | Lindifique

  17. Imke says:

    So stunning! That looks so beautiful!
    XO IMKE | Pastellics

  18. smittyrooks says:

    The look has an inquisitive nature to it, and is very stylish to boot:3

  19. Gabrielle says:

    This is such a sweet design, I can imagine it making an adorable cosmetic pouch – you could set up your own etsy shop for them! 🙂

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  20. annie lee says:

    i love sewing clutches!! haha they are so cute 🙂

  21. This is gorgeous! I love the colors. You are so talented! 🙂 Have a fun day!

    xo, Bry

  22. Mini says:

    You are so crafty! What a perfect clutch X

  23. I love brocade although I know it can be incredibly difficult to deal with. Great clutch and project idea for fall!

  24. Amy Ann says:

    I won’t lie, I was a little surprised to see brocade as a trend for fall in the magazines. Looks great!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  25. such a pretty bag!! you are so good at diy!!!
    Glamoury Armory Blog

  26. Oooh this is so, so pretty! love it and always look forward to seeing what you’ll bring us next! 🙂

    Layla xx

  27. This is a piece item for fall:). I could have hunk out with you to steal your talent:). Sorry for my late replied. I’ve had traveled for my work and gone the whole week:). Happy day to you:).


  28. You are so talented and love the prints.

    Adi xx

  29. selinasinspiration says:

    Oh my god this is so pretty!!!! It looks so fancy 😀 I love it!
    I wish I would be as creative as you are♥
    Selina | Selinas Inspiration

  30. Great pouch, love the brocade design! 🙂 xo~ Lena

  31. NatGutmor says:

    It looks so beautiful! I love the outcome! I dream of making my own bags!

    Natalia | Lindifique

  32. Susie says:

    You make it seem so simple! So pretty!


  33. shecorner says:

    Loving the fabric print 🙂

  34. Nice DIY! I am so bad at DIY, I try a couple of times and I learn that it’s not for me ahahah

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