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Project: Jacqueline de Ribes

Ever hear of Jacqueline de Ribes?  Until yesterday neither had I, but apparently she was a pretty bad mama jamma.  Jacqueline was a socialite and fashion muse for haute couturier’s.  That is until she went undercover as a fashion assistant and … Continue reading

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Project: Mood Board

Trend: Floral City Chic   Now that it’s the beginning of 2016, new years resolutions are in full swing.  Getting motivated can be hard but these mood boards can definitely keep you going!  Mood boards, collages,  inspiration boards, whatever you … Continue reading

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Project: Holiday Wristlet

Trend: Holiday I cannot lie; I love this time of year for all its sparkly cheesiness. The fashion becomes glitzy and glamorous as we get ready to welcome in a New Year and my design inspiration is at an all … Continue reading

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Project: Back to School Notebooks

Trend: Back to School Can you believe it’s September already? It is officially after Labor Day and most schools are enjoying their first week back.  In honor of this time of year I thought I might share some ideas on … Continue reading

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Project: Couture Safety Pins

Trend: Couture As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I get a lot of my inspiration from couture shows and the fashion industry.  This latest project is no different as it was inspired by some accessories and pins I saw from the fall runway … Continue reading

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Project: Tropical Wristlet

Trend: Tropical Lately I have been on the hunt for a wristlet that can actually fit my cell phone.  As I seem to come up empty handed every time, I thought why not make own!?  I started out with a … Continue reading

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Project: Inspiration

Looking at fashion shows and my favorite designers can really get the creative juices flowing!  Here is just a sample of what inspires me. 🙂  What do you think? What inspires you? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

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Project: Chain Headband

Trend:Chain Looking for an easy DIY? Look no further! If you have seen my projects before, you’ll know I love working with chains and weaving ribbons through them.  The possibilities of this combo can be pretty endless.  In this project we do … Continue reading

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Project: Tie-Dye Maxi Dress

Trend: Tie-Dye Hello world, I can’t believe it is summer already! With summer comes all types of campy inspired fashions.  One of my favorite DIY projects during this season is tie-dye.  It’s messy, it’s fun and it always comes out … Continue reading

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Project: Chain Link Flip Flops

  Trend: Chain Trim Hello friends! I just got my mac back so now I’m back to posting fun projects.  I’m not sure if you have noticed or thought about chain trimming as a trend, but it definitely is! I see … Continue reading

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