Project: Passport A-Go-Go

Trend: Travel/Maps

Have a big trip coming up?  Even if you don’t, it’ll be hard not to start daydreaming while looking at this passport holder!   This DIY is super easy since it is a small project, there is not a lot of sewing.  I introduce fusible bukram here for the first time, a type of backing material that is iron on friendly (no-sewing required).

The world is a big place and this map material helps remind me of all the places I’d like to visit!  Anyone one else day dreaming of their perfect vacation?

I must confess this post was inspired by a fun and educational Youtube Channel called “Geography Now.”  Please, don’t get grossed out by the word “educational,” the channel is nerdy (of course) but it is also really fun, informative, and gives you the travel bug!  The host Barby takes you around the world discussing each country’s culture, politics, people, food, and geography (while making it fun of course).  You should check it out!

~Happy sewing from Trend-mixblog! 🙂 ~


World Wide Passport Holder

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Project: Fashion Month Round-Up

Fashion month is officially over! Time to review all the drama, the glamour, and the clothes that we will be wearing coming this Fall 2017.  Even if us plebeians will not be wearing Dior Haute Couture, we will definitely be picking up the trends that they so thoughtfully designed for us.

Fashion month, in case you haven’t heard of it, is a month long fashion show that spans the globe.  American Designers showcase their work in New York, European designers have their pick of London, Milan, and Paris.  A trip down the runway this month is a cultural phenom, and it happens regularly twice a year!

I reviewed some of my favorite designers below.  Anyone else follow fashion month?  Who are your favorite designers?  Let us know in the comments and happy sewing! 🙂

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Fashion Month Fall 2017

Photos Courtesy of Vogue Runway

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Project: Polka-Dot Rosette Clutch

Trend: Polka Dots and Florals

Same pattern different fabric!  For those of you new to sewing it may come to surprise you that I have used this same exact pattern before.  Only last time, I made a completely different kind of bag.

What is a pattern you ask?  Well, a pattern is a kind of roadmap that leads you to your very one-of-a-kind creation; It includes different measurements and guidelines for sewing and cutting your fabric.

Instead of showing you step-by-step with the “Polka-Dot Rosette Clutch”, I thought I would provide the link to the first bag I made.  Follow the link, and you too can make a gorgeous polka-dot rosette clutch (or  a velvet envelope one) the choice is up to you! 🙂

Has anyone ever used a pattern to sew two different styles before?  Let us know in the comments!

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Project: DryBar

Trend: Salon Review

 Anyone a fan of podcasts? I was inspired recently while listening to the podcast “How I Built This” with host Guy Raz on NPR. First of all, it’s a great show and I really recommend it! Guy interviews successful entrepreneurs including everyone from Mark Cuban to the founders of Instagram.  Most recently he interviewed Alli Webb, the founder of the salon chain “DryBar.”

As someone who has never heard of Drybar I was captivated by the story and had to take a visit to check it out! Drybar is a hair salon that styles hair (but doesn’t cut it), it has a very spa/glam-like feel at a very fair price.  Take a look at my experience below and you’ll see what I’m talking about. 🙂

Anyone else into getting glam once in a while?  Do you also have a favorite spot?                 Let us know in the comments! 🙂


Want to learn more? Check out their website  here and the founder’s interview with Guy Raz on NPR here.

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Project: New Year’s Glitz

Trend: Glitz

Is “Glitz” a trend?  If it isn’t it definitely should be.  There is nothing more trendy during the holiday season then some glitz, glitter, and shine.

Naturally, I couldn’t resist adding some sparkle to my outfit with this easy DIY.  I was searching my room for loose glitter until I realized nail polish would do the trick! It’s also so much easier to work with. This is a great project for this time of year and will only take you about 5 minutes.  How will you be spending the New Year?  With a little Glitz and Glam, I hope! Happy New Year from Trend-mix!:)

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Holiday Bracelet

Trend: Holidays

Hello fashion friends! It’s no secret I haven’t posted a DIY in quite a while. I’ve been busy with life outside the blogosphere, otherwise known as the real world my priorities have been focused there. But no worries, there will always be time (even if less so) for a little bit of crafting! 🙂

I finally had some craft time last weekend and managed to make this bracelet in about 10 minutes.  This is a great project for all types of crafters and with the holidays days away this could be the perfect present for almost anyone.  Handmade gifts are always appreciated, especially when you can buy all of these supplies in bulk!

Anyone else hand making their presents this year?  Let us know! 🙂

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Happy Holidays from Trend-mix! 🙂


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Project: Autumn Layering

Trend: Sweaters, Blazers and Plaid, Oh my!

Anyone else looking to stay comfy and stylish this season?  Despite this Fall’s ups and downs (apparently it’s 70 degrees today in November!) here is the perfect way to keep cool, stay warm, and most importantly remain stylish.

The secret?  For me personally, I’m a big fan of sweaters and skirts, nothing could be more comfortable or more easy to put together.  But for the fella’s this may be more difficult (although not much).  In general just remember to layer your sweaters, blazers, and plaid!

Anyone else have styling tricks for this season?  Let us know in the comments! 🙂

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Fall Layering with Tommy John.jpg



This post idea was brought to you by Tommy John (apparently a high-end mens underwear company).  I have never heard of them before but they do seem to carry classy undergarments for the men.  If you’re curious about them check out their website here!

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Project: Beauty Review

Product: Night Revive Retinol Serum by Valentia

Hello my fellow beauty nerds! Despite my love for fashion, I just can’t help myself when it comes to beauty products and skin care.  Skin care is my jam and I only like to use the best natural ingredients.  So when Valentia offered to send me their Night Revive Retinol Serum, who was I to refuse?

Valentia has sent me products before so I knew I was in for some good ole’ natural ingredients in a glass bottle.  For those of you who don’t know glass bottles are the best because plastic ones have the potential for leaking into the product.

I will be honest here, the idea of retinol usually scares me.  It is a form of Vitamin A that basically sheds off a layer of your skin. It does this so you produce healthier, younger, and newer looking skin.  That said you should only use this product at night (stripping a layer of skin = extra vulnerable to the sun).

So yes, I was skeptical despite the Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Squalene, and other natural ingredients.  But I was determined to give it a shot because, why not?

What I found:  This stuff is amazing!  Honestly, other retinol serums have made my skin red, but Valentia’s version is completely wonderful.  I put this on at night and woke up to baby soft skin.  I completely recommend this product (which trust me I don’t always do).

As an unofficial beauty expert, I hope you are able to trust my opinion on this one.  If you’re interested (which you definitely should be) check out the serum on Amazon.

Anyone ever try similar products before?  What did you find?

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Project: Preppy Pencil Case

Trend: Preppy

This is the first year I’m not going back to school as a student…weird right?  Well, for me it is, and even though I won’t be going back to school this September I can’t help but buy school supplies and get into the back to school spirit.  Thus, I bring to you, the Preppy Pencil Case!  Anyone else do any “back to school” shopping this season?  If you haven’t yet, hopefully this will get you into the swing of things.   Have a question? Don’t hesitate to ask!  Happy sewing! 🙂

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Preppy Pencil Case

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Project: Tie-Dye Draw-String

Trend: Tie-Dye

I don’t know what it is about Summer, but I really can’t stop tie-dyeing things!  I actually dyed this fabric weeks ago and have been looking for just the right project and decided this was it (you can check that out here).  The juxtaposition of the gold chain handle and tie-dye fabric makes this look like one upscale hippy bag! Something I’m definitely proud to be carrying.  Anyone else a big tie-dye nerd? If you have any questions on how I made anything please let me know. Happy sewing! 🙂

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Tie-Dye Draw String

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